The all-rounder for vendor independent network visibility & IT infrastructure management

Network Monitoring

Simple monitoring of: Device-specific details, e.g. availabilities, CPU utilization, power supply, port-specific bandwidth utilization

Configuration Management

Configuration Management allows you to back up all current configurations of all network devices.

WLAN Topology

Graphical representation of access points and neighboring switches and WLAN controllers as well as transitions from wireless to wired communication.

Real View Device Details

Special, device type-specific views of individual device parameters.

Syslog Analyzer

Evaluation of messages from network devices sent in syslog format.

VLAN Management

Generic, multi-vendor functions for managing VLANs on network devices.


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Infraray was founded in 1998 by a German engineering team with deep IT operations management know-how. The company provides solutions for network management, network security, IT infrastructure management, network automation and control of your entire business infrastructure.

Since the beginning of 2018, Infraray is part of the Beta Systems Group.

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“Our Infraray infrastructure control system increases safety, dramatically reduces our service costs and gets our machines back up and running faster – in many cases even without operator intervention!”

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