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A selection of implemented projects

Easy management of 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports

Group-wide transparency across the entire network!

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Security and compliance for hundreds of savings bank networks

Central monitoring and control for every Sparkasse savings bank in Germany.

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90% service cost savings thanks to Infraray

At Berliner Wasserbetriebe – with the help of Infraray BICS.

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Additional customer projects


9 million customers in Germany puts the bank in third place in terms of customers; total assets of €162,256 million and approx. 4,000 employees. ING’s ATMs are centrally managed and monitored in great detail using our software. Reliable monitoring functions help detect and eliminate potential threats at an early stage to ensure smooth operation.

kika Leiner

Multinational retail chain with 7,500 employees

20,000 ports kika Leiner is a leading furniture retailer in Europe who operates 73 stores in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania, generating annual sales of $1.6 billion.

kika Leiner relies on Infraray for: MAC Layer-2 security, network discovery and endpoint profiling.


Multinational insurance group with 22,000 employees and 32,000 ports that need to be managed

With over 40 companies in 19 countries, UNIQA Group Austria is one of the leading insurance groups in central Europe and has repeatedly been voted the most trusted insurance brand in its country. In the eleven years since its foundation, the UNIQA Group quickly established itself both domestically and in the central and eastern European markets.

UNIQA relies on Infraray for: MAC Layer-2 security, network discovery and endpoint profiling.


Regional healthcare provider with more than 20 hospitals, 14,000 employees, 8,000 beds and 250,000 patients annually

The regional healthcare group KAGes operates 21 hospitals and care facilities with a total of 8,000+ beds and 14,000 employees, tending to 250,000 patients annually. Known for its groundbreaking new technologies that advance clinical care and improve patient comfort, the group implemented an innovative solution from Infraray to control, protect and maintain security compliance of a multi-tenant IT network infrastructure.

KAGes relies on Infraray for: Multi-tenant network access control (NAC), security and compliance


Multinational retail chain across Europe with 31,000 employees, €4 billion sales and over 5,500 Linux-based POS systems

Müller’s 700 drugstores located in seven countries offer more than 185,000 products, including pharmaceuticals, perfumes, stationery, household items, toys and a range of multimedia items. In addition, Müller offers digital photo printing and a music downloading service.

Müller relies on Infraray for: Automated real-time updating of price data at all POS kiosks, software distribution and retrieval of sales data.


Germany’s largest food retailer with 330,000 employees, €54.14 billion in sales (2016) and 23,000 local network connections that generate 10 million records each day

REWE Systems is REWE Group’s central solution provider when it comes to information and telecommunications systems. The provider plans, projects, develops, configures and operates efficient systems and applications for REWE Group – one of the leading German and European retail and tourism groups with approx. 330,000 employees.

REWE uses our solution to manage its time tracking terminals and to capture the time entry records:
• Complete lifecycle support from initial registration to disposal
• Device monitoring based on “heartbeat” metrics from the device through to generating an incident if no heartbeat is detected
• Software and configuration updates