Infraray BICS. The all-rounder for your IT infrastructure.

Global enterprises that pursue a strategic infrastructure management vision rely on solutions from Infraray: Reduced TCO. Consistent availability. Seamless integrations.


Modular BICS Suite with excellent discovery features and management of heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

Network Discovery & Visibility

Gain full visibility ofyour network. BICS continuously provides you with a complete view of all devices and endpoints, including the categories.

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Network Management

BICS gives you the tools you need to manage your IT network, keep it operational and functional, and monitor individual network components.

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Network Security

BICS provides numerous features to protect your network from unauthorized access: This includes alerts about newly connected devices (PSM: Port Security Manager) and extends to the monitoring of data streams (Flows) to detect deviations from standard communication patterns.

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Asset Management

BICS augments your network management by managing all available information of devices in the network (type, name, IP address, ports, connections and other available information that can be retrieved via network protocols).

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Reduced TCO. Consistent availability. Seamless integrations. Scalable.

Infraray BICS [Business Infrastructure Control System] offers a new and efficient approach to controlling complex networks. Core features:

Scalable for small and large networks of up to over 1 million endpoints

Security for all assets connected to the network

Vendor independence (multi-vendor capability)

Single database for the entire BICS SUITE

Multi-tenant system and head/sub architecture

Fast implementation - days, not weeks or months

Excellent flexibility, service & support

Owing to its ability to operate BICS redundantly in a multi-instance network with a large number of clients, the system is ideal for use in complex network environments.