Your network security management for complex IT infrastructures

Infraray BICS can centrally monitor IT networks independent of manufacturer with the Network Security Module.
New, unauthorized and compromised devices are detected, unplanned/unauthorized changes to device configurations are identified and suspicious communication relationships are reported and prevented.

Network security that extensively protects against unauthorized access.

The BICS Network Security module makes it possible to block unwanted LAN access by unauthorized end devices via the network switches and regulates the security settings of the individual devices and ports in the process.

The network security module offers among other things:

  • Identification of new, unauthorized and compromised devices
  • Analysis of the communication relationships of the devices support of layer-2 and credential-based (802.1x) network access control
  • Identification of unplanned/unauthorized changes to device configurations
  • In addition to notification, actions such as blocking ports according to user-defined rules
  • User-defined VLAN management to isolate unknown and unauthorized devices

Instant network protection thanks to automated alert feature

The Infraray BICS network port security solution automatically detects whether a user attempting to log in has the proper authorization from the system or device assigned to them. If a user tries to log in without authorization, BICS automatically issues an alert and launches actions based on the preset security policies such as, for instance, automatically blocking the port. The Infraray BICS module boosts your corporate security:

  • MAC spoofing detection: BICS issues an alert when duplicate MAC addresses and new MAC addresses attempting to gain access through multiple ports are suspected.
  • The solution prevents MAC addresses from being used in different locations or in violation of security policies. BICS allows the operator to firmly associate any MAC address or group of MAC addresses with specific locations and ports.
  • It assists the network operator in identifying and resolving issues that prevent access to the LAN.

Use cases

A selection of implemented projects

Easy management of 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports

Group-wide transparency across the entire network!

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Security and compliance for hundreds of savings bank networks

Central monitoring and control for every Sparkasse savings bank in Germany.

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90% service cost savings thanks to Infraray

At Berliner Wasserbetriebe – with the help of Infraray BICS.

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“Our Infraray infrastructure control system increases safety, dramatically reduces our service costs and gets our machines back up and running faster – in many cases even without operator intervention!”

Michael Böttcher  ·  IT Security Engineer  ·  Water Supply Control System, Berliner Wasserbetriebe